Battery Boots: The Alternative Power Source For The Amazon Echo

Feb 26, 2017

Amazon is one of the leaders in digital media, but it didn’t have any idea how well consumers would receive the Echo. It started out being a sleeper item until word of mouth made it a household name and not to mention, the recent appearance of commercials showing off its neat features.

The “skills” utilized by the device through the digital assistant are updated periodically and now open to outside developers to add their innovative and well-meaning list of skills for more technological enhancement.This can be Google Home, which will have a better interactive interface and then, of course, the re-emergence of Apple TV.

The number of consumers that own the Echo is quite impressive. However, some have complained about the cost and the inconvenience of moving it from one room to another. To address these issues, Amazon introduced two additional Echo models.

The Tap, which is the portable version of the speaker, does not need to be plugged in unless the battery is being recharged. It functions the same as the Echo but is not voice activated. The talk button has to be pressed for interaction with the device, thus the name Tap. The other new member is the Echo Dot. It is as small as a hockey puck but has the same voice activation as the Echo. A Bluetooth speaker or stereo system can be connected to it.

I own an Echo, but for it to work efficiently, there must be a Wi-Fi connection and electricity. Without either, it will not function. Because of the need for electricity, some consumers have taken to purchasing one for each room in their house.

It is now possible to enjoy the device in more than one room without having to be tethered to the electric outlet. However, there is still a need for a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. There are several battery boots to choose from according to the needs of the user. The more popular model has its own 18-volt proprietary power adapter that will charge up to 18 hours.

There are other battery boots that can hold a charge for up to six hours. For these models, the Echo’s power adapter cord can be used to recharge them. The Echo can be used while it is charging. The battery will remain in a standby state, so it does not drain while plugged in.

A couple of the battery cases have LED lights on the front for low battery and charging status. Portability and convenience make these battery cases a welcome power alternative option for the Amazon Echo.

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