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    There was a time when trending apps swam around Facebook, Twitter and other social media related applications. However, it is uncontested that IT Developers spoiled the market with Android apps. According to Google Play Store, there are at least over 1.6 million apps in the market meaning picking some of these apps wasn't that easy. Strava: It was an award-winning application, highly recommended for those interested in keeping fit or losing weight. With the app, you can monitor your progress and even when you are not sure of the routes you should take it will help you create or find one. Time Hop: This is a great app because it lets you recreate memories by accessing events from the past

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    We are witnessing the introduction of the magnificent technological phenomenon and mind-blowing gadgets which can transform the quality of life. Not even a decade has passed since the introduction of smartphones and several Android-powered phones. Currently, Google is making substantial investments in research and development of innovative gadgets. Google Glass web development is being done at a rapid pace, and as a result, Google Glass has been launched. The prestigious company has invested significantly in Google Glass web development. Google Glass is a wearable computer with a fine optical head-mounted display. It has a voice input, which makes everything extremely interesting and appealing It is amazing how the experienced Google Glass Development team has been able to squeeze numerous varied

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    Every other individual nowadays is trying to predict the future of technology. Everyone has got their valid points. However, what many people are missing is to take technology as a whole and analyze and predicting the future. Remembering how mathematics evolve from the ancient times of prehistoric mathematics which is believed to be dated 35,000 BC, and then many changes and developments happened giving rise to Indian mathematics then Islamic mathematics and so on to the modern mathematics of 21st century. In schools today, how is mathematics taught? Even a toddler is taught the basic mathematics, and at later stages, we learn various concepts of mathematics like trigonometry, algebra, geometry, statistics, and if you go to a higher level you

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    Get dramatic bass that really moves you with exclusive "Extra Bass Headphones" offering you ultra-low frequencies. Delivering studio-quality audio, free movement and easy monitoring with the help of long leads and swivel cups. Get deep bass tones with XB range. Extra-large drivers and deep Vibe structure create ultra-flow frequencies while preserving delicate high-resolution. High-end professional Sony headphones with MDR-Z1000 studio monitor are a perfect choice for professional DJs, producers, and musicians. Stimulating a sound platform which is closer to the sound source, providing a balanced tone and perfect idea of how your music sounds. The Xb series makes it for luxurious listening perfectly with king-size artificial leather ear cushions and pressure-relieving urethane. Look excellent as they sound with hairline finished

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    Apple answered the pleas of thousands of iPhone users this year when they finally made the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus waterproof. Both the new 2016 flagship phones have and IP67 rating meaning that they can be submerged into up to a meter of water for up to half an hour. As usual, Apple has been slightly conservative with the ratings and many reviewers and bloggers on YouTube have subjected their brand new iPhones to much deeper water and much higher presses for much longer durations. All of the iPhones tested seem to have been able to stand up the tests just fine. While apple finally seems to have made the iPhone life proof in one way, there

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    The media business has gained critical ground in conveying brighter and crisper pictures to shoppers around the world. The media industry has gained ground from HD, 3D TV to the most up to date contestant 4K TV. 4K Ultra HD TVs (otherwise called UHD TVs) conveys four circumstances as much detail as HD TV: 1080p. 4K is the freshest standard in video synthesis in the TV industry. UHD upscaling upgrades the nature of the greater part of your viewing Presently one can appreciate a few sorts of substance with practically UHD-level picture quality, regardless of the possibility that it is not from a UHD empowered source. Propelled picture preparing process enhances communicate TV shows and films alongside recordings on request,

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