Buying Your First Drone for Aerial Photography

Apr 04, 2017

From the stunning aerial view of Dubai’s metropolitan area to the barren beauty of the Grand Canyon, drone photography has given us more than a few spectacular images. The technology has also given birth to niche industries such as drone wedding photography. The technology has long been used by military forces as surveillance tech. Today, drones equipped with high-tech imaging technologies can be bought off supermarket shelves. Thanks to the intense competition between civilian drone manufacturers, these gadgets are available at cheap price points as well as pack in more features. If you are a drone photography virgin then this post is here to help. We will let you in on 3 things you need to check before buying your first drone for aerial photography.

Buy A Drone That’s Easy To Fly: Depending on its internal flight control setup, every drone flies a bit differently. Some drones are fast and agile while others are tuned to deliver maximum stability. If your drone photography project involves capturing fast moving things such as cars and wildlife then buying an agile or even a racing drone with a camera makes the most sense. However, for steady landscape shots, you can compromise on speed. Expensive drones are usually fitted with additional flight control sensor making them much easier to handle. We suggest going to stores that allow customers to take test runs.

Bigger Batteries Equals More Flight Time: There is nothing more frustrating than having to constantly land the drone to change the batteries. Some drones promise a flight time of over 20 minutes. Check online reviews to find out if the drone you are about to pick delivers on its promised flight time. You should also know that drone batteries typically last up to 200 flights.

4K Video Recording Capability: If drone photography is your thing then settling for anything that shoots less than 4K video is a compromise. The newer Phantom 4 models are fitted with 4K cameras and the DJI brand is amongst the best in the world. With a cheaper price tag, the Yuneec Q500 is also a popular choice among aerial videographers.

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