Google Glass: An Amazing Technological Wonder

May 04, 2017

We are witnessing the introduction of the magnificent technological phenomenon and mind-blowing gadgets which can transform the quality of life. Not even a decade has passed since the introduction of smartphones and several Android-powered phones. Currently, Google is making substantial investments in research and development of innovative gadgets. Google Glass web development is being done at a rapid pace, and as a result, Google Glass has been launched. The prestigious company has invested significantly in Google Glass web development.

Google Glass is a wearable computer with a fine optical head-mounted display. It has a voice input, which makes everything extremely interesting and appealing

It is amazing how the experienced Google Glass Development team has been able to squeeze numerous varied features into such a tiny and petite ‘computer’ which is sustained by a strong but extremely lightweight frame. It is made so that the user does not feel its weight and can wear it comfortably. Google Glass app design is multi-functional, purposeful as well as serviceable and is being created by a team of highly experienced and competent web developers and programmers. Google glass can present information similar to smart phones but in hand’s free format. Google Glass app design is revolutionary and innovative.

Give your hands rest

With this novel Google Glass, you can click crystal clear photos or even record a video since it can also function as a web-cam with the data connection from a Smartphone or your home. Its strong voice input feature lets you speak text messages, attach videos as you send them through your mobile data connection. You will not have to take out the Smartphone from your pocket since the command is given through this wonderful device.

Always in control with Google Glass

Now there is no need to sit in the office confined to your desk to engage in a group conference. You can conveniently use Google Hangout for a group conference by employing its various features. Well, there is no chance of getting lost as you wear Google glass because it is built with a GPS chip which will help you in navigation, taking assistance from Google Maps. This gadget becomes handy when you are driving a vehicle or are trying to find your way amidst crowded streets or during an interesting hiking adventure through the countryside. Avid travelers, cyclists, backpackers will largely benefit from this innovative Google Glass application design technology.

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