It's Waterproof But You Still Need an iPhone 7 Case

Apr 16, 2017

Apple answered the pleas of thousands of iPhone users this year when they finally made the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus waterproof. Both the new 2016 flagship phones have and IP67 rating meaning that they can be submerged into up to a meter of water for up to half an hour. As usual, Apple has been slightly conservative with the ratings and many reviewers and bloggers on YouTube have subjected their brand new iPhones to much deeper water and much higher presses for much longer durations. All of the iPhones tested seem to have been able to stand up the tests just fine. While apple finally seems to have made the iPhone life proof in one way, there is still another major reason that you still shouldn’t use your iPhone without protection. Its called the floor. Since most people are likely to drop their iPhone 7 on a hard surface like the floor much more often than they will every get it wet or drop it in the toilet or a pool, an iPhone 7 case is still necessary.

The iPhone is still incredibly fragile

The iPhone 7 may be waterproof but it is still a device that costs over ₹ 60000 to buy in India, is covered in glass, which you carry around in your pocket. Even though the glass is toughened Gorilla Glass, it is still extremely prone to shatter, if your iPhone hits the floor and strikes screen first. Since the iPhone is the single most popular smartphone on the market, there are a plethora of options available to buy online and whether you are looking for an iPhone 7 Plus case or an iPhone 7 cover, you should have many thousands of options available to you.

There is even a choice of how much protection you want, so you can choose a slim designer case that adds very little weight or bulk to your iPhone but provides medium protection.With the combination of waterproofing and a tough case, the new iPhone 7 should be damn near indestructible.

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