The Samsung Galaxy S8

Feb 04, 2017

Samsung made a great comeback this year! The company moved on and left the Note 7 contention behind with that launch of the Galaxy S8 this year. Samsung is a company that is least reluctant to foray into unchartered territories and comes up with a product that is path-breaking and a total trendsetter. Samsung Galaxy S8, the latest entrant on the block of smartphones, adjoins perfectly with the company’s mindset and its design and outlook ascertains that Samsung has changed the gear and is now planning to become more aggressive than ever. The sharp design and a sleek built of Galaxy S8 further stamps this notion.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a real reference on the market, spurring the innovation leadership at Apple. Samsung should not do things by half since, as expected, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a foldable smartphone screen. Closed, it has a 5.5 inches screen resolution 4K but unfolded, it looks more like a 7-inch tablet.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the first tablet – smartphone. Samsung benefits from this real revolution to change the name of its king smartphone. To propel its various screen sizes, and a 4K resolution, the new Samsung Galaxy S8 should present the technical characteristics of choice, very similar to those expected with the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 or Note 7, which is revealed in 3D renderings. Thus, the Samsung Galaxy S8 would is entitled to 6 GB of RAM, the next generation of Qualcomm processors – known as Snapdragon 830 – and a chip ultra- powerful network, ten times faster than the first 4G smartphones.

The Galaxy S8 is the first smartphones to be equipped with the Force Touch technology. It allows further interactions with its terminal. The user can access various options by changing the pressure they applied on the screen. Samsung integrates faster 3D Touch to its smartphones.
All in all, Samsung Galaxy S8 is a smart offering from Samsung that is equipped strongly. If you are planning to purchase an android smartphone for the first time, Galaxy S8 is indeed a strong contender.

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